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Submitting Sounds


Find Your Sound

Have a listen to the sounds of your neighborhood, your house, or the rural  or urban environment  in which you live.  What are the sounds which are unique to your surroundings?

Record It!

If you have a Smart Phone, you're set. Download one of the many free recorder apps, learn the basics and start recording!  Get as close to the action as you can, whether it's a person, a critter or a bubbling brook. Use earphones or earbuds to monitor what you're recording. Try to avoid handling noise. If there's wind, try to block it with your body or make a wind screen with an old sock, nylon stocking or pantyhose! Save your recording as an mp3 and limit it to under two minutes.

Student using voice recognition with a smart phone to record notes sitting on the grass la
Music Producers

Send Us the Sound

We suggest recording in mp3 and keeping your file under two minutes. Click the button below to upload your sound and tell us something about it. If you record in another format, such as WAV, and the recording is over 4 MB, send it to us via, a free service. Our email address is

You can also send us an image of what you've recorded, using the same form below.

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