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A wonderful overview of soundscapes, courtesy of the NY Times

The Center for Global Soundscapes at Purdue University has a Record the Earth app

with recordings from around the world - “Join the Mission!"

The 100 Soundscapes of Japan is the project that inspired American Soundscapes

An Audubon article on Lang Elliot’s beautiful soundscapes.

Chris Watson, the man shown recording alligators on our home page, is an amazing sound recordist.

An interactive sound map of New York

What Is a Soundscape - from the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

The World According to Sound, a podcast and online listening series

An Evening of Sounds, Stories and Surprises from Jim Metzner at the Library of Congress 

An interactive map of sounds from around the world

Intrepid recordist Doug Quin, “the Audubon of Audio!"

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